“So I am for survival. And I am for the survival of beautiful images …”
- Emmet Gowin


At the Red Filter Gallery, we wish to serve a growing audience of fine art photography enthusiasts. A rich history of photography over the past century and a half has provided a firm basis for the contemporary artist today. The viewer engages with the image … its execution and technology rooted in tradition ...  the art embodying creative expression in new and different ways.

Fine art photography currently  encompasses a broad range of creative mediums and we seek to explore some of those evolving modalities. But at the heart of our programs will be a focus on monochrome images, Black and White, allowing new examination of abstraction, tonalities, textures and light.

We encourage you to become a member of the Gallery and receive communications of our progress over time. Discover with us the work of new artists employing fresh perspective as well as  established image makers pressing artistic boundaries with learned technique. Please note: We also encourage you to subscribe to our Black and White photography news website “BWGallerist” to track the trends and events in the fine art photography community today.

April 1 – April 30, 2015
“Intersections and Explorations – Selected Work, 2012-2014”

Photographs by John Singletary

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